What is branding and how will it benefit you?

We are all now familiar with the ideas of branding and can recognise dozens of national and international brands and the value that they represent. Small businesses, however, are often less ready to invest in their brand and less likley to see the value of having a strong brand identitiy. A strong brand can bring an enormous benefit and have a demonstrable effect on the way your business is perceived and the success of your marketing activity and sales.

Graphic designers will tell you that there is a science to the shapes and colours that you use in your logo, your letterheads, business cards, website and brochures and this is certainly true. What they are less likley to tell you is that brand isn’t limited to the various marketing materials that you produce and should be extended to include the way you dress; the way you engage your customers, prospects and suppliers; the way you present your offering; your key messages; the way that you answer the phone; your answer phone messages; what your customers and other business are saying about you – in fact an effective brand is the sum of the impression that people are left with whenever and wherever they encounter your business.

What graphic designers will not tell you is that developing a strong brand has as much to with attitude and consistency and imagination, as it does, budget and there are some very cost effective ways to develop some very effective branding.

Watch this space for more ideas on how to develop an effective brand of your own, and examples of brands that we have helped to develop.

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