Business Networking

Business networking

What is business networking, how do you get involved and where is it going on?

The vast majority of businesses provide a service to other local businesses. Most sales processes involve getting face-to- face with prospects at some point, which makes networking incredibly useful.

There is an enormous amount of networking going on, whether you are a woman in business, a small business, a football fan, a company director or working in niche industries. You will find that there are a number of opportunities to meet people who are interested in forming relationships and building their businesses on those relationships and interactions.

The thing to remember is that whilst everyone at these meetings is primarily interested in finding new customers, the whole thing breaks down if no-one is prepared to buy. It is incredibly important that you are prepared to give a little.

Effective networking is about finding ways that your network might benefit the people you meet and how their network might benefit you, don’t expect the person in front of you to be happy if you are only interested in selling to them, without offering anything in return.

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