Reacting to Business Secrets in the Bible - Reaction Time 013

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Reacting to Business Secrets in the Bible – Reaction Time 013

00:00 Introductions.
04:44 The foundation of specialisation.
10:57 Money is a spiritual creation of our Creator.
23:25 The principle of wealth in the Bible?
27:01 Borrowing in the Bible.
28:04 Conclusion.

Martin Henley
Hello there, my name is Martin Henley. This is the effective marketing content extravaganza. If you’ve spent a second here, you will know that I’m on a mission to give you everything you need to be successful in your business. Providing that is what you need to be successful in your business is to be more effective with your sales and marketing. So I am here giving you everything I know about sales and marketing.

Martin Henley
I’m pulling in anyone I can find to share everything they know about sales and marketing. We are looking at the marketing news every other week. We are watching the very best and the very worst of marketing content on the internet and reacting, which is what today is about. So if you were here on Tuesday, Wednesday, you will know that Jim wasn’t happy with the Jeopardy aspect with the video the content that our random process threw up, which was business secrets from the Bible. So there is no Jeopardy here today, to restore jeopardy for future episodes. I need to react now to this video business secrets from the Bible.

Martin Henley
Do I have a view? I’m not a religious person, but I don’t celebrate being unreligious. I know religious people, I see that they take great comfort from being religious. It gives them direction in their lives. It’s comfort, I think that religion gives people and I’m kind of a little bit what’s the word? Am I jealous? I don’t know, I would like to have that that degree of confidence, that degree of comfort, that degree of support, church communities are all great. I do accept that there have been terrible people within religions who have done terrible things. But I don’t think that counts for the majority of people in religion.

Martin Henley
I don’t think that actually is grounds for not being religious, necessarily. I think if you have some kind of spiritual faith, then I have every faith in you to make the right decisions for yourself. That’s where I stand on religion. I don’t have a view on this. Did I read the Bible? I might have read the Bible. When I was a very young child, I might have had the Bible read to me when I was a very young child, but not very much. I had a quite religious grandmother. I know that when we went to stay with her we were expected to pray, etc. But I’m not a religious person. I don’t have religious faith. So I don’t really know what’s coming to be honest with you, which is exactly how it should be. Okay, so let’s have a look at this video. Let’s see what the business secrets of the Bible are.

What is it about Jewish people that make them prosper financially? By while you’ll almost never fin Jews tinkering with their cars on the weekends or mowing their lawns. That’s what Daniel Lapin says, and there’s a very good reason for that. And it lies within the business secrets of the Bible.

Most everyone would like to have more wealth and prosperity. Few however, manage to attain it. Rabbi Daniel Lapin is known as America’s rabbi. He says financial success is the result of doing the right things. In his new book business secrets from the Bible. Rabbi Lapin uses simple concepts to help increase income regardless of your faith. It’ll change the way you think about money and help you make more of it.

How come Jewish people don’t mow their own lawns on Saturdays?

Daniel Lapin
Well, it really comes from the end of the book of Genesis where Jacobs 147 years old and time is going by. And finally he’s about to be taken home to his father in heaven. And you think that you know it’s after a long and difficult life. he’d gather his sons together and he’d say, boys, God bless you, I’m gone. Instead, he takes 2030 verses giving Rubin this is your blessing Simon, this is your blessing Judah, this is your blessing. In other words, he’s laying the foundation of specialisation. You’re not just one big clump of people, each one of you is going to find the area in which you can best serve your brethren. And this idea which wasn’t found in general economics until the 18th century, Adam Smith realised the principle of specialisation lies deeply embedded in ancient Jewish wisdoms understanding of the Bible.

Somebody’s got to cook the bread, somebody’s got to make the machine somebody has to sew the cloth. They can’t all do that do it together.

Daniel Lapin
Because if we each take care of our own needs, then we don’t need one another. But since we specialise as part of God’s plan, the result of that is that I pray for the welfare of my customers.

Martin Henley

Martin Henley

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