Orb 360090625093632There are a number of ways of enjoying the South Downs, there are plenty of ways getting down a hill. Orb 360, however, have come up with a way of combining the two to create a whole new experience.

The Effective Marketing Company enjoyed a fantastic morning with Orb 360, just rolling down the hills in inflatable balls and taking out anything that got in our way, trailers, 4×4’s, marquees and Orb 360’s staff.

This was all part of our briefing before we started marketing Orb 360’s corporate services to sales teams and their gift vouchers to retailers across Sussex.

If you think your team would benefit from a roll down the hill, or it’s something your retail customers might buy as a gift, call us now on 01273 921130 and we will put you in touch with Orb 360.