google hummingbird
The internet is an ever changing landscape of new updates and technologies. Just a few of the latest updates include the new Google algorithm named ‘Hummingbird’, the Youtube Channel name update and the opening of new domain extensions.  So how do all of these changes benefit you and your business?

It is without any shadow of a doubt that the Google search engine is our best friend when it comes to searching through the mountains of information on the internet. Google’s system has traditionally used a keyword based algorithm to filter and present search results to us. This has been effective for some time now, but the way in which we search has evolved thanks to the development of voice input and the ease of mobile devices. With an increasing number of users searching through these mediums to ask questions rather than just spurt keywords, it was time for an update to accommodate this change in how people search on the internet.

Enter Google Hummingbird, details of exactly what this entails are scarce but industry experts expect an algorithm which speeds up the search process by understanding natural language and thus allowing for more contextual and conversational based search.

Increasingly weight has been put on the importance of optimising for mobile and Hummingbird is set to make that weight even heavier.

Mobile search was mentioned a lot in the announcement of the new update and it’s clear that the use of mobile search is ever expanding. Mobile search is especially important for local based business results like hotels, shopping and restaurants all of which should be benefitting from this latest algorithm update.

Another update which we are particularly excited about here at Effective Marketing is the change to the YouTube Channel names.  Traditionally we have all had to make do when it comes to naming our YouTube channels due to the no character spaces and special character limitations in usernames.

YouTube have now implemented the use of spaces and special characters. If you haven’t already done so it’s time to amend your channel name to exactly match your brand. This not only adds more relevance to your channel, it will also make things much more intuitive for search ensuring people can you find your content when they are looking at your brand online.

Another big change that has occurred on the internet is the creation of over 700 brand new domain extensions. It is now possible to pre-reserve extensions such as .marketing .fitness .web, .online,.ltd, .company, in-fact almost .anything, allowing for greater differentiation between content and relevance within a domain name, and giving your company the chance to have a more distinguishable URL.

We hope you found these three key recent changes useful and would love to hear your thoughts.