We absolutely love it when people who win awards decide that they want to be working with Effective Marketing. This award is particularly rewarding for Jackie Keddy as the selection and voting was carried out by her peers, other coaches who are doing the job right now.

Jackie Keddy has won Coaching at Work Coaching/Mentoring Person of the Year 2009 Award.Picture 3

Comments from those nominating Keddy included: “she has developed real and compassionate tools which make it simple for line mangers to get coaching and use it.”; “she brings passion and a genuine desire to see both coaches and coachees develop”; “she is both a thinker and a real ‘doer’ rather than an academic or theorist, and isn’t tied to the belief that only coaching which is practiced along ‘pure’ lines can add value in organizations. Her pragmatic approach, a common sense attitude to life, and her zest for helping individuals and teams to recognise their true potential has won her many friends and plaudits in the coaching world. She’s regularly approached by leaders of coaching programmes in other organisations for advice and inspiration, which she often gives freely.”

Keddy, managing director and lead consultant of Keddy Consultants, was formerly lead consultant of the Metropolitan Police Service’s Leadership Academy where she was instrumental in introducing coaching to the Met. The annual accolade goes to the person who receives the most nominations from Coaching at Work readers who are asked to submit their nominations at the end of the year as part of the annual Readers Survey. The award was announced in Coaching at Work Volume 5, Issue 1 in December 2009. An awards ceremony is planned for spring 2010.

Other nominees included Sir John Whitmore, Michael Carroll, Tatiana Bachkirova, Clare Hack, Colin McIntyre, Myles Downey, Katherine St-John Brooks, Paul Brown, Nancy Kline, Lou Stern, Carol Kauffman, Jasbinder Singh and Eric Parsloe.

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For information on Keddy’s coaching work at the Met, see “Inside Job”, Coaching at Work, Volume 2, Issue 6

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