Feedback has always played a huge role for Effective Marketing and we have been very grateful for the responses we have received from all of our trainees.

Our testimonial videos are a fantastic visual way to show the enthusiasm and positivity people have felt from attending our marketing workshops, however we have also been taking written feedback from our customers.

These forms have been filled with both praise and useful feedback enabling us to improve delivery, insight and value for our customers and have been great in helping us to advance to where we are today.

As such, we wanted to share with you the views of some of our wonderful customers we’ve been spending time with.

To do that, we have now added the functionality to add a review on all of our training pages.

All of our previous written feedback from recent training workshops is now loaded into the system and available on our various landing pages.

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Just click on any of our marketing training links above and scroll to the bottom of page to see both a rating out of 5 stars and the comments trainees had to share. We hope to see you at one of our marketing training workshops soon.