The WOMMA (Word of Mouth Marketing Association) defines it as “The act of consumers providing information to other consumers

Basically, WOM is a marketing technic based on promoting recommendations about a product or service between consumers. These recommendations used to be oral, but now we take those “conversations” as comments in Social Media networks as well, and they will influence others in their purchase decisions. The great value of this is the reliable source which they come from.

As these comments are made by real people without any economic interest, they have become one of the most credible forms of advertising and much cheaper than any traditional advertising.

The idea is to create a bond/link between the company and the customer big enough to make them chat about their experiences with others, in a relevant and a positive way.

This conversations online and offline will cause measurable effects as social media and search engines now use sentiment to determine influence, this will have a positive effect on your overall online marketing campaigns.

In order to be able to measure correctly you will have to have good management of blogs and social media networks in order to know what’s being talked about, if those conversations are talking positively or negatively about your products and services and why and where those conversations have taken place.

Some ways to achieved that are:

-Use social media monitoring tools like Hootsuite
-Identify influencers
-Create relevant content
-Involve the people with your product. Make them feel part of the overall experience.
-Inspire them to share that information through Social Media to be able to measure the feedback
-Encourage and inspire a community or group to ensure a sense of belonging


If you are thinking about professional management of your Social Media and online sentiment give us a call here at Effective Marketing, we’d be happy to help you out.