LinkedIn Marketing Training Agenda

1. Introductions

  • Identifying who is attending and where they are from
  • Understanding where attendees are with LinkedIn currently
  • Identifying what attendees are aiming to achieve from the workshop

2. LinkedIn in Context

  • Understanding what LinkedIn is and who uses it
  • Understanding how LinkedIn has developed
  • Understanding the business benefits of LinkedIn

3. LinkedIn Objectives

  • Identifying what can be achieved through LinkedIn marketing
  • Prioritising LinkedIn objectives
  • Thinking strategically about LinkedIn objectives

4. Getting your LinkedIn positioning right

  • Building and completing an effective profile
  • Attracting recommendations
  • Identifying and joining the right groups
  • Creating your own groups

5. Building a valuable LinkedIn network

  • Targeting and identifying prospective customers using LinkedIn • Bringing your existing contacts into your LinkedIn network
  • Reaching out to targets through LinkedIn
  • Marketing your LinkedIn pro”le
  • Using groups to build your connections
  • Implementing LinkedIn Ads to grow your network

6. Ongoing communication and LinkedIn performance management

  • Using group digests to communicate with your LinkedIn network
  • Using email to reach out to your contacts
  • Working with Social Media management tools and RSS to incorporate your LinkedIn marketing within your social media marketing strategy
  • Measuring the effectiveness of your LinkedIn marketing investments
  • Identifying the bene”ts of LinkedIn Premium

7. Questions