Helpful Content, Musk Targets AdTech, New TikTok Ad Types, Poor Meta Launch - Marketing News 16

Helpful Content, Musk Targets AdTech, New TikTok Ad Types, Poor Meta Launch – Marketing News 16

Martin and Melanie talking about marketing news. On the agenda this week: Google Helpful Content Update, Musk Targets Ad Tech Firms, TikTok getting into partnerships with E-Commerce, Zuckerberg defends Metaverse development.

00:00 Intro.
06:59 What has caught your attention in the way of marketing news?
12:06 Google helpful content update.
38:02 Musk targets ad tech firms in Twitter.
47:18 Botometer.
51:29 TikTok getting into partnerships with E-Commerce.
1:00:55 Zuckerberg defends Metaverse development after online backlash.

Martin Henley
What has caught your attention in the way of marketing news in the last couple of weeks?

Melanie Farmer
Yeah, a couple of things. One, just watching TikTok starting to get a bit more, I guess, assertive, not aggressive and assertive in their packages around monetizing tick tock for users. It’s nice to see that they’re, I think, maintaining the share the wealth, attitude, but certainly, yes, so they’ve introduced new ad formats within TikTok. Then the second thing was looking at Bometer, if I’m saying that right, and how Elon Musk has arrived at the valuation of Twitter, amongst all of that, kind of fake accounts, controversy.

Martin Henley
Excellent. Okay, super cool. So there is a little bit of crossover, what I’ve got is, we are expecting very shortly, a site wide algorithm update the helpful content update from Google, around search engine optimization, which is the biggest update in a decade, apparently. So I think that’s probably big news. Interesting, obviously, I’ve got a view on that. My second story was Musk now targeting the ad tech firms. So there’s some crossover there between what you’re saying your sounds a little bit more scientific than mine. I’m interested in mine because it goes directly to the fraud, which I think might be these platforms. So literally, ads is where the money happens, what’s going on there. Then I think just for fun, Zuckerberg is now launching the Metaverse into Spain and France. I think we should all be impressed, inspired at the leadership that they’re showing in the way that they have launched this, it’s phenomenal. I think we should look at that. It’s going to take us about I think 90 seconds to really appreciate the depth of what they are offering to the world through their Metaverse offering.

Melanie Farmer
My little fun one is just how Elon Musk tweeted, I’m buying Man United the other day. Yeah. I just thought What are you doing? Like? Yeah, obviously not, even if it was a joke. But you know, stop.

Martin Henley
I think that’s interesting. I think that’s really interesting because I’m a Manchester United fan. This is the worst time in my life for being a Manchester United fan. They’ve never, in the time that, I’m not much of a fan, I’m more interested in the soap opera than I am the actual football these days is the truth. So it’s what struck me is how Manchester United now has been valued at 5 billion pounds, I suppose. What is that six or seven million dollars? Twitter is worth $44 billion. And it just seems to me that Manchester United actually has relationship like supposedly the largest fan base in the world. It has assets in terms of a stadium. So how could Twitter be worth 10 times as much as Manchester United? That was my question. That’s the way I think about things. So that’s probably the way this conversation is gonna go a little bit today. Can I suggest that the biggest news is probably the Google thing.

Martin Henley
Google helpful content algorithm update, launching soon, Google is rolling out a sitewide algorithm update called the helpful content update, which devalues content written for search engines. What they’re saying is, it’s launching a new algorithm update next week. Unlike the recent product review update, this is site wide. So it’s global, will impact all pages introduces a new signal Google will use to rank web pages, although Google is giving a heads up regarding these algorithm changes. A week isn’t a long time to prepare. But they would argue like they always do, they implement the rules retrospectively, you should have always been behaving yourself even before you knew what the deal was the what does the helpful content update do this update introduces a new ranking signal that will negatively impact sites that publish high amounts of content with a little value, or are low added value or unhelpful to searchers.

Martin Henley

Martin Henley

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