Marketing News 13 - Musk bails on Twitter, Iffy influencer, Analytics going away, McDonald's swing

Marketing News 13 – Musk bails on Twitter, Iffy influencer, Analytics going away, McDonald’s swing

We are joined again by the wonderful Melanie Farmer to assess what’s going on in the way of marketing news and speculate what it might mean for us effective marketeers. 00:00 Intro 03:47 What’s in the marketing news? 07:14 Musk effort to kill deal leaves Twitter with only bad options. 24:16 Authenticity is the cornerstone of successful celebrity partnerships. 37:24 Google Analytics is losing track of millions of users. 48:17 McDonald’s turns golden arches into swings. Martin Henley So do you have a couple of stories for us? Melanie Farmer Yes, I have the story of McDonald’s who have turned their logo into a swing and they’ve put it all in different places around Dubai. And so it’s this idea that the logo is now you’ve got these golden arches at a giant scale and a swing hanging off the middle. So you’re swinging through the middle of the arches. Martin Henley Wow, do you have a headline for that story? Melanie Farmer Yeah, take a swing in the McDonald’s golden arches. Martin Henley Okay, all right, so that one sounds good. Melanie Farmer The second one is about celebrity partnerships, which is a pet favourite of mine. And I’m not sure if I want to talk about it as news or that I’m always interested in this endorsement. So the you know, the morals and so forth. So it’s authenticity is the cornerstone of successful celebrity partnerships. That’s The heading but it’s also the gist of the story about it’s around influencer marketing and all that. Martin Henley Okay, goods, partnerships. So authenticity is the cornerstone of successful celebrity partnerships. Okay, good. All right. So I’ve got that as well. I’ve got a bit of a quandary going on. I’ll be honest with you, because it seems to me, Well, I was supposed to go surfing this morning, and then I didn’t go surfing. So I was up at stupid o’clock, and I’ve been sitting on my desk for like, five hours. So I’ve been doing a really good job of this. And it seems to be we’re not talking about Elon Musk watching on the purchase of, of Twitter, you didn’t think that was worthy of comment? Martin Henley Well, that’s one that I’ve got the LaMDA thing that Google sentient Artificial intelligence has hired itself a lawyer, you didn’t think that was worthy of really. The British Army had the YouTube and Twitter accounts hacked the British army. What else have I got here? Google and Apple should remove TikTok from their app stores is the FCC commission. Google Analytics. I don’t know what I want to talk. I think I do know what I want to talk about. What else have I got Google Marketing live? 22 happens? We don’t want to talk about that. I’ve got loads of those. Martin Henley Here’s your two. I think. I don’t know what do you think of all of those? I think we should probably talk about Twitter because it’s probably the most. Yeah, the most pronounced thing that’s happening in marketing. And then the other thing I want to talk about is Google Analytics. So there we go. We’ll narrow it down to two. So we should probably start with you think we should start with Elon Musk and Twitter. Martin Henley This is what’s going on now. Musk effort to kill deal leaves Twitter with only bad options. Billionaire wants to walk away from $44 billion dollar purchase. Twitter says it will take muster court to force the sale was going on here. Elon Musk’s effort to dump his agreements by Twitter leaves the social media service worse off no matter the outcome. If the Tesla Chief Executive Officer succeeds in ending the deal, Twitter stock will likely freefall and his staff already rejected by masks months alone public criticism of the site will suffer another emotional blow. Martin Henley Oh my god. If Twitter prevails in court, the company will be run by an unpredictable and reluctant owner while still struggling to meet ambitious growth targets. Musk’s regulatory filing Friday announcing plans to walk away from his $44 billion purchase touched off a nightmare scenario for Twitter where only bad options remain. Chairman Brett Taylor responded by vowing to enforce the deal in court but the company’s leadership is already losing the trust of staff after months of uncertainty and stress. It’s a soap opera, isn’t it? It’s a soap opera. The thing is, we spoke about this quite at length before we’re at different times when it’s been happening. But so there’s a couple of things that strike me. Didn’t he already buy 9 billion worth? So does he already own a quarter of this? Did that actually happen or not? I don’t know.
Martin Henley

Martin Henley

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