Spotify & EasyJet, TikTok Terms, Branding Gestures, Metaverse Bubble Bursting - Marketing News 015

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Spotify & EasyJet, TikTok Terms, Branding Gestures, Metaverse Bubble Bursting – Marketing News 015

Martin and Melanie talking about marketing news. On the agenda this week: Easyjet partnering with Spotify, Joe Rogan blasts TikTok terms & condition, Winning branding gestures, Metaverse housing bubble bursts.

00:00 Intro.
04:18 What’s in the marketing news?
07:22 EasyJet partnering with Spotify.
18:02 Joe Rogan got crazy about the terms and conditions of TikTok.
35:08 Branding Gestures.
44:51 Metaverse Housing Bubble Bursts.

Martin Henley
What’s caught your attention, Melanie Farmer?

Melanie farmer
Yeah, a couple of things. There’s something about who owns gestures and how that’s being described as the emerging battlefield for brands. So you know, goodbye logos, etc, just gestures. The second one was just watching Easyjet and the airline and Spotify the music platform teaming up to provide travel recommendation based on listening habits. So I do like that idea, although just because I listened to Latin might not mean I want to go to Latin America. Who knows? But that is a really interesting partnership. So I think both of them have data and, and permissions with their their users. But by teaming up, they’re able, of course, to double down on that. So I think there’s some merit in thinking as an organ as any organisation thinking about how they could could apply that in their own world, who could they partner with and inform each other about interests?

Martin Henley
Of course, partnerships are really important, I think. Okay, good. I’ve got a couple of things. I am singularly uninspired I have to tell you. But the one thing I’ve got is Joe Rogan, has got crazy about the terms and conditions of TikTok. So he’s spoken about that and caused a bit of a stir, people are surprised about what goes on. So I’m interested to talk about that. I’m interested to do a compare and contrast like how does that actually compare with Facebook’s terms and conditions, or Google’s Terms and Conditions? Those things? And the other thing, I’m not sure if it’s marketing or not, but it certainly talks about the state of the world. The Metaverse housing bubble is bursting. Let’s not forget, there are no houses in the multiverse. It’s not real. So it really was a bubble.

Martin Henley
Yeah. And yeah, so it’s interesting. So that’s the story. But I think that’s the least interesting of all the stories. So if we are going to do this in order, which is I think, the easy journey. Spotify is probably the most interesting, so we should start with that. Then we’ll look at what Joe Rogan has to say about tic TOCs terms and conditions. And then we’ll do your gestures who’s winning the gestures game? I didn’t know that was a gestures game. So we’ll do it like that. Easyjet and Spotify. Joe Rogan upset about TikTok, winning gestures, metaverse housing bubble bursts. Good. Right?

Martin Henley
So what’s the story about?

Melanie Farmer
It’s kind of interesting, they they’re partnering up, because there’s an appetite. Post pandemic, although we’re very much still in it, of the world opening up and that we want to head out. And so to harness the playlists and interests of users on Spotify, EasyJet has partnered up with Spotify to set this campaign toward listen and book. So lovers of music, who might be listening to Italian music in from from say, fairness or whatever can be targeted to really given, you know, suggestions for where they can, where they might want to travel, that links to their what they’re influenced by their tastes and music. This is probably the same as their tasty and travel. So I thought that’s kind of interesting that you know, I mean, to my mind, we know where we want to travel, and it may not have anything to do with our music, but some I’m just interested in how this will work.

Melanie Farmer
But I do like the idea of partnering to, to match customer interest to a quite different service offering, offering offering music and offering travel destinations are two very different propositions. But I sort of think for those of us who are looking for new places to find customers who have interest in our own product, there’s an opportunity to think about that and be inspired to do something along these lines. I do wonder if they’re going to annoy a lot of people, but you know, it’s like I will say EasyJet is not a premium brand. It’s it’s a cheap airlines and it’s an interesting choice for Spotify to make, to be fair.

Martin Henley

Martin Henley

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