This graphic serves to demonstrate how complicated and demanding Social Media Marketing has become, but we think this is a load of marketing tosh.

Social Media Overload

We would struggle to think of another industry that spends so much time formulating  jargon to express and fulfill itself. Even incredibly technical functions like Law and Medicine try to simplify terms to become more accessible to people lacking the profession-specific knowledge.

On the other hand marketing companies, professional’s and ’gurus’ always seem to be moving in the opposite direction. This is clearly a problem to be a problem and begs the question; why is marketing so bad at marketing itself? Marketing companies over-complicate things to confuse people, resulting in businesses wrongly investing a LOT of precious money in consultancies to solve problems, which in reality, don’t exist.
At Effective Marketing we think that marketing is in-fact, painless, dare we say fun and hugely rewarding. The truth is, marketing is only as complicated as you want make it. Social media represents a fantastic opportunity for businesses to market themselves more efficiently, effectively and imaginatively than ever before.

Many are fooled into believing that social media marketing is difficult, expensive, risky and hard  to measure, and this is  holding a lot of businesses back. To contrive this confusing and overwhelming graphic they have had to include traditional media, games and a host of other faff that needn’t concern you at all. In fact, to be really honest we don’t know what more than half of this stuff is, and we are very busy with social media and run social media marketing training courses.

If you want to be benefiting from social media marketing all you need to do is pick three or four platforms. We suggest Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube to start with, and have a play. There is no immediate risk to your reputation because until you build yourself an audience, no-one is going to be paying any attention to anything you say.

If you are in need of further help, or support, or motivation you are more than welcome to join us at one of our Social Media Marketing Training Events.