From a young age, I’ve been obsessed with technology and I’m always looking forward to seeing the next gadget be released by both the big tech companies and the underdogs of the industry. The one thing I especially love about it is the products that revolutionise the way we interact with activities we used to take for granted. Game-changing ideas that completely change our lives, for example the IPhone, tablets and social media. There is constant innovation everywhere and we’re seeing new projects being developed almost weekly such as the Oculus Rift, a virtual reality headset made for 3D gaming and car navigation that displays the route on the wind shield to enable drivers to keep their eyes on the road at all times.

These creations are fantastic, however I’m getting more and more frustrated at the big corporations, Apple in particular. I’ve always been a Windows user but I can appreciate the hype behind the sleekness and grace of the Apple products. I also greatly respect Steve Jobs for pushing his employees to their limits and making sure that every time a product was released, it was a masterpiece. He never settled on anything less than the highest quality and seemed to know exactly when and how the new products should be released for the greatest success. But with Steve Jobs gone, it seems as though Apple’s creativity and innovation has ground to a halt.

They are riding on the wave of popularity that Steve Jobs brought but are failing miserably to evolve. The 5C and the 5S were a spectacular disappointment as the 5C (C for cheap?) is still expensive and provides no other real differences from the previous model while the 5S introduced fingerprint recognition which I see as a fancy decoration with no real substance and only makes it more difficult to unlock your phone. The discontent is evident even from the most fanatic of Apple addicts.

Marketing experts like Seth Godin preach continuously that innovation is crucial for a business to survive in today’s competitive markets. I sincerely hope that Apple is holding something back and plans to blow our minds with their next products, the Mac Pro and the new series of upgraded Ipads, but the patience of their audience is wearing thin and competitors are getting very close on their tails. So Apple, maybe it’s time to get back down to the drawing board.