The question came up at this week’s Social Media Training of how to deal with negativity or negative comments on Social Media. We love Social Media but we have to accept that there is a large amount of trolling that goes on and it is the perfect environment for the keyboard slanderers with too much free time on their hands to launch anonymous attacks at those of us who are trying to get on.

This is without a doubt the most glorious example of how to deal with the most negative aspect of Social Media whilst having a bit of fun in the mean time.

A little over a year ago Bodyform (a women’s hygiene brand) was faced with a cheeky comment on their Facebook page, a ‘disillusioned’ man who blamed the company for lying about the reality of women on their periods with their marketing campaign. He wrote :

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For a seo consultant near tampa who wants to make the most out of their Social Media, interaction is a crucial step in achieving customer loyalty. But how do you interact with such an out-of-the-ordinary comment? The lightbulbs lit up and the guys at Bodyform thought up a response that was something unique in itself:

With over 5 million views on Youtube and 9,554 likes on Facebook, Bodyform’s witty reply hit the jackpot, making us all laugh but more importantly making their brand more popular and likable.

So next time you run into trolls, remember that a little bit of creativity and humour can not only brighten up your day but boost your popularity as well.