Reacting to Is Digital Marketing going to be saturated in 2022? Neil Patel - Reaction Time 012

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Reacting to Is Digital Marketing going to be saturated in 2022? Neil Patel - Reaction Time 012

It’s myself and the wonderful Jim Cunliffe reacting to the dire situation that is the saturation of digital marketing.

Could it be true or it is just a really lame ruse by Neil Patel to get you to buy his services.

There is only one way to find out 🙂

00:00 Introductions.

07:59 Can digital marketing be saturated?

12:09 Do we really need more content?

15:54 Updating Your Content.

20:13 Booming of Influencers.

25:09 Conversion Optimization (Upsells and Downsells).

29:13 Comments.

33:15 Famous people can sell anything.

34:56 Conclusion.

Martin Henley

Hello there, my name is Martin Henley. This is the effective marketing content extravaganza. If you’ve spent a second here, you’ll know that I’m on a mission to give you everything you need to be successful in your business, as far as I’m aware, and as far as I can help you, that’s about being much more effective with your sales and marketing.

Martin Henley

So not only am I here giving you everything I know about sales and marketing. I’m pulling in anyone who can find who will share their knowledge of sales and marketing with you. We are bringing you the news, and we are reacting to the very best and the very worst of what’s on the internet. Interestingly this week, because that’s what’s happening today, we are going to react to some marketing content from the internet. I have a partner in crime and that partner is the head of rockstar enablement at Jam Roll. It’s Jim Cunliffe.

Jim Cunliffe

Good morning, Martin.

Martin henley

Good morning, Jim. How are you?

Jim Cunliffe

I’m very excited to be here.

Martin Henley

Cool. That’s good. You’re looking radiant. They’re in the sunshine man.

It’s 40 degrees today. It’s the hottest day of the year in the world ever. Apparently,

It’s the highest day in the world ever. Apparently. I’m not entirely convinced by that. Because if I look at the BBC website, they will tell me it’s 28 degrees or something like that. But you’re happy to believe that you know, you’ve got your shorts on you’ve got your shirt open.

Jim Cunliffe

We’ve been warned not to leave the lot to leave the house not to go swimming. It’s just the media has gone crazy.

Martin Henley

The media has gone crazy. Of course they have they have to have something to go crazy about. So we are here reacting there’s a little bit of jeopardy to this. As you know, I know that you are a little bit apprehensive about the Jeopardy aspect. You’d prefer to know what we’re reacting to. But that’s not how the internet works. That’s not how content on the internet works. There needs to be some Jeopardy. So what I need you to do is to harm the theme tune to Jeopardy while I it goes do do do. Can you do that?

Martin Henley

So Neil Patel might be my competition. I don’t really know anything about him. But the reason we’re here and the reason we’re doing this is because but it’s it’s really about it’s the laziest way of producing content there there is because we just watch videos and talk about it.

Martin Henley

But the usefulness of it is that it causes me to look at things that I wouldn’t look at otherwise like business secrets from the Bible. I would never look at that. I would never look at Neil Patel. And I probably shouldn’t be looking at Neil Patel, because Neil Patel is probably the most successful other than Gary Vaynerchuk. He’s, you might be the other most successful marketer on YouTube. I don’t really know, I don’t know very much about him. What I can tell you is that this video, let’s go again, you can see what I’m saying. That’s the wrong way. That’s the right way. Neil Patel, this video.

Martin Henley

Ah, this video has 54,000 views. It has 53 likes 179 comments. The channel has 49 million views. And the channel has 1.0 6 million subscribers. So Neil Patel, I believe has done all of this in the last few years. He is the most I think, probably the most second most successful marketing YouTuber. I think that’s what he is. Right? So you don’t know anything about him? I don’t really have a view. So it’d be interesting to see them on it. Do you think?

Jim Cunliffe

Yeah, much better than the bible one?

Martin Henley

Okay, good. All right, then. So let’s have a little look. Let’s see what Neil Patel is telling us about. So the title, is digital marketing, going to be saturated in 2022. Now, I think it might be interesting for us to have a little discussion about that idea. Can digital marketing be saturated? Can digital marketing be any more saturated than it already? Is? Can it be any more? I mean, the issue is there’s only so many places at the top of the internet, you know, I mean, there’s only so many effective search phrases. Is this what he’s talking about? I don’t know. So what we’re going to do now we’re just speculate wildly about what on earth he could possibly mean about the internet, digital marketing being saturated.

Martin Henley

Martin Henley

Martin has built a reputation for having a no nonsense approach to sales and marketing and for motivating audiences with his wit, energy, enthusiasm and his own brand of audience participation.

Martin’s original content is based on his very current experience of running effective marketing initiatives for his customers and the feedback from Effective Marketing’s successful and popular marketing workshops.



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