Social Media Training Agenda

1. Introductions

  • Identifying who is attending and where they are from
  • Understanding where attendees are with social media
  • Identifying what attendees are aiming to achieve from the workshop

2. Social Media Context

  • Understanding what social media is
  • Understanding how social media has developed
  • Understanding the business benefits of social media

3. Social Media Objectives

  • Identifying what can be achieved through social media
  • Prioritising social media objectives
  • Thinking strategically about social media objectives

4. What We Use

  • Providing an outline of the 6 most useful social media and the benefits of each including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Survey Monkey, Slideshare & Google Alerts

5. Getting Started

  • Walking through the leading how to optimally set up Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter
  • An introduction to Twitter tools including Tweetspinner, Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, Monitter, Twitter Karma, Poll Daddy, Twtpoll & We Follow
  • Connecting your different social media using tools like Feedburner & Twitterfeed

6. What To Say

  • Identifying what it is that social media and potential customers are interested in
  • Developing value propositions
  • Making attendees products and services accessible to sical media users
  • Providing examples of what leading social media proponents say

7. Measuring the effectiveness of Social Media marketing

  • Introducing the various tools that are available to measure the effectiveness of campaigns including Tweetstats & Twitter Grader, Facebook Reports, Youtube Insight, the various URL shortening services, traditional online tools like Google Analytics and offline measuring initiatives like dedicated telephone numbers

8. Questions