A great piece of effective marketing here by Vinnie Jones and the British Heart Foundation, demonstrating that not only does it work but if you’re good at it, it can save lives.

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We think this ad achieves these four things beautifully.

It gets your attention by using a familiar face that the target audience will identify with, and a huge value proposition “I’m gonna teach you a lesson that you’ll never forget.” By the time the unconscious body slides in, the ad already has our attention, but just in case it doesn’t, the shock factor will make sure it does.

The ad gets our interest by giving us more to identify with – the middle aged gangsters with their ‘dad-dancing’, the music – Staying Alive, first released in 1977. But what really gets us interested is when people take an interest in us and talk to us directly using open questions – “What are you going to do?”

This ad makes us want to be able to perform CPR by associating with being tough like Vinnie Jones and making it incredibly easy. Why try and get people to remember to push down every two seconds when they can simply do it in time to Staying Alive. Why go to all of the effort to teach people to push down on the Sternum when they could be pushing down on “the Sovereign.”

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The ad motivates us to take action with a brilliant recap – check him over, call 999  and push hard and fast to staying alive – it works.
And so does this Ad, great work Vinnie and the British Heart Foundation.