The most powerful close in the world ever.

The most powerful close in the world ever.

Introducing Speaker 0:13

This is Martin from Effective Marketing to share some very real tips with us this morning and it is going to be an active participation session, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Martin Henley 0:27

Good morning everyone!

So we’ve heard a story this morning, we’ve heard a beautiful story this morning about how Edge is going to chop complete strangers out the wilderness, who’ve never heard about us. And then Phil is going to generate interest amongst them so that they’re now with us, and they’re ready to buy, they’re really interested and they’re ready to buy what it is that we have to offer. So we now just have to do the really easy bit, which is closing. Is that the easy bit? Now what we’re gonna do in the next 10 minutes is, what you will have in 10 minutes time is you will have a really strong idea and be able to identify buying signals, you will be highly skilled negotiators, you’ll have an answer for every objection you are ever likely to hear no matter what industry or no matter what selling style you have. And I’m going to give you the most powerful close in the world ever. In 10 minutes time, you’ll have all day to think about it. Okay, so, but just before I do that, what I’m interested to know is, because you guys all represent different businesses and you all sell in different ways, I’m interested to get an idea of how that works. So, if you can just show me your hands, if you win your sales by mail order, people send you forms say, almost twice a week. Okay, mail order’s going out of fashion. If you sell on your website, okay, so there’s going to be a view. If you have some sort of automated sales process for people to buy from you, I’ll just want to talk to you afterwards. That’s really useful. If you have to get these people on the telephone. Who has to get people on the telephone in person, and who has to get people face to face? Okay, so you actually have to play out this whole story where people needing to get face to face. Okay, I know we’ve talked about this earlier, but who are business owners here? Okay, new employees? Who considers themselves salespeople? And really good closers?

Excellent. Okay, so now I’m looking for a volunteer, right?

This is Brian, Brian works for Juice Radio.

Can you tell them what you do right?

Brian 3:10

I provide tailor made cost-effective radio solutions to make your business loads of money.

Martin Henley 3:17

Fantastic! Does that sound like something you might want to buy? Radio advertising is what he’s talking about. You might want to come into the middle of the road more. So, does that sound like something we might buy in our business? Give him some hope. Yeah. So, what I think we should do is, we should give Brian a buying signal. So, what is a buying signal I’m asking you?

Speaker1 3:41

How much is it?

Martin Henley 3:42

How much is it? That’s a fantastic one. So, if you’d like to come up here and join the other end of the rope. So now, I’m looking to come on Brian’s team, I’m looking for someone to answer that buying signal. Do we want to talk a bit more about buying signals, do we understand what buying signals are?

Yes. Tell us all.

Yeah, basically, I think whenever you stop asking them questions, they start asking you questions, there must be some interest in what you have to offer. So, they might ask how much is it or what color is it, or when is it available, or what are the payment terms, all these kinds of things. Okay, so your buying signal was?

Speaker1 4:37

How much is it?

Martin Henley 4:38

How much is it? Fantastic. Then what we have here is an opportunity, okay? An opportunity for Brian to make a sale, which is a rare opportunity. We have an opportunity for you to get something done. So, you’re going to get some marketing done in your business, which is really valuable. So now I’m looking for someone to come and join Brian’s team who can answer that buying signal.

And what is the response?

Speaker2 5:03

We’ve got different packages depending on your budget.

Martin Henley 5:04

Excellent. Come join Brian.

We’ve got different packages depending on your project.

I’m looking for an objection, so someone can come up with an objection. Somebody? And this doesn’t have to be an objection to radio advertising. There are many objections that you hear maybe every day in your businesses.

Speaker3 5:30

We’ve spent all of our budget for advertising.

Martin Henley 5:31

Fantastic. So, if you can come and join them on the left. Excellent. How are you going to respond?

Speaker4 5:50

We can agree terms.

Martin Henley 5:51

Okay, you can come join Brian’s team. Everybody this is an interesting situation. But also, we’ve got three responses to one buying signal and one objection. So, if you can pick up right there? What I’d like to see is you guys just pull a little bit and you can resist a little bit, but don’t resist too much. Don’t waste your energy. Okay, cool, guys. Come on. Okay.

So, you won. You won. How are you feeling? You made the sale. It feels good, doesn’t it? You’re gonna tell your boss, you made a sale.

Excellent. Pretty good. Pretty strong.

You guys lost. Great.

Now that’s interesting, you weren’t expecting what’s going to happen, but what’s happening is that the opportunity’s got away.

So, the point is this, that there is a response to every objection that you’ll ever hear that we haven’t heard here today. Okay, so your objection was?

Speaker3 8:25

We’ve spent our budget.

Martin Henley 8:26

We’ve spent our budget. Can we just change that a little bit to its too expensive, would that be alright? Is that okay? Okay, so now I’d like you guys to give me a reason why it might be too expensive. Does that make sense? It doesn’t make sense. Yeah.

Speaker5 8:40

Sorry, I was gonna say compared to what?

Martin Henley 8:41

Compared to what? Compared to what we spend normally that’s too expensive. So if you guys can give me another one. We got to 10 where the source is.

Speaker6 8:49

We can buy cheaper.

Martin Henley 8:50

We can buy cheaper. Yeah.

Speaker7 8:55

But we haven’t really justified the value.

Martin Henley 8:58

I don’t understand the value of what you’re offering.

Speaker7 08:59


Martin Henley 9:00

Is that what you’re saying? Yeah, okay. That’s cool. Let’s call that’s three.

Speaker8 09:02

What makes you believe it’s expensive?

Martin Henley 9:03

What makes you believe is expensive? That’s a good one.

Speaker9 09:06

What are the benefits?

Martin Henley 9:09

What are the benefits? What about I actually have to go and present this to my boss, and that’s too much money. I’m not going to talk to him about that too much money, so I don’t actually have the authority. So that’s six.

Speaker10 09:17

We are very happy with the supply that we’re using currently.

Martin Henley 9:18

We are very happy with the supply that we’re using currently. Okay. Well sauce is at 10.

Speaker11 09:35

You’re wasting my time.

Martin Henley 09:36

You’re wasting my time. Get out!

So, the point is this, the point is that there were 10 things that we might have been told when we were told it was too expensive.

Martin Henley 10:00

So, it could have been one of 10 things. And if we just rushed in to respond, then the likelihood is we were just guessing, so we may have got it wrong. So, the response to every objection you ever hear in the future needs to be “What exactly is it that you mean by that?” You see what I’m saying? So, for example, the objection was, the buying signal was first?

How much is it?

Okay, so what I’d like you to say, Matthew, is I’d like you to go and ask Rachel, what exactly does she mean by that.

Matthew 10:37

Literally ask her?

Martin Henley 10:38

Literally ask her.

Matthew 10:39

What exactly do you mean by that?

Martin Henley 10:41

And if you don’t ask her then you can go and join her team. Because Now Matthew’s working with this team and they’re going to come to a resolution. So, what exactly was it that you meant by that?

Speaker1 10:53

Well, how much is it gonna cost me?

Martin Henley 10:54

How much is it gonna cost?

Speaker1 10:55


Martin Henley 10:56

Because you’ve got some budget?

Speaker1 10:56


Martin Henley 10:56

And you weren’t genuinely interested to know.

Speaker1 10:59

Yeah. That’s right.

Martin Henley 11:01

Okay, so maybe that’s not appropriate. Mat, come inside.

Okay, and then the other objection was?

Speaker3 11:10

We’ve spent our budget.

Martin Henley 11:11

We’ve spent all our budget. So, if you could go and ask what exactly that you meant by that. So, what exactly did you mean by that?

Speaker3 11:17

Well, okay it’s my way of stopping people from asking me.

Martin Henley 11:30

So, you’ve got no intention. So now, when you say it’s too expensive, what do you mean?

Speaker11 11:32

When I say it’s too expensive, I mean, I’m not quite sure what it is you’re saying. Okay, fantastic. And, yeah, so what? You guys are breaking this.

Okay the value, you don’t understand the value. Okay, you can answer that, can you? You can demonstrate the value to him, you can introduce him to some results, testimonials. Excellent.

Speaker12 11:57

If somebody said that to me. And I would say if I could show you the value.

Martin Henley 12:09

Then you’ll be joining this team.

The answer is, okay, so again, it’s too expensive, so what are you gonna say?

Speaker12 12:15

What do you mean by that?

Martin Henley 12:17

What do you mean by that? What do you mean by that?

Speaker13 12:18

At this moment, our purchase supplier’ cheaper elsewhere.

Martin Henley 12:21

Okay. So, if we could schedule payments going forward, then that might make it useful? Or we could find a way around that, maybe? Okay. You can join Brian’s team.

Okay, so it’s still too expensive. Anyway, let’s just see what happens now, if you just pull this way. I think you’re getting imbalance here. If you’re all on the same side of the road, okay? Then it’s much easier to negotiate. So, buying signal is someone giving you interest, they’re interested in what you have to sell. What comes next? An objection is an invitation to negotiate, which brings us to a close. So, you guys, thank you very much.

Now, what we’re left with is just the most powerful close in the world ever. We are out of time so you don’t have to do this. We don’t have to, we are out of time, we literally have to leave the building in two minutes. So, I have to be really convinced that you wanted to see this if I was going to give you this thing.

Martin Henley 13:37

Okay. The most powerful close in the world ever, if you’re interested in seeing it is, are you ready?

Everyone 13:54


Martin Henley 14:20

No, I can’t say it. No. Thanks very much. Okay, the reason this is the most powerful close in the world ever. And the reason why it’s important that we do close is because if you’re carrying a lot of opportunity with you, it gets very heavy. This is the pipeline that Phil was talking about, where I’ve got a million pounds of sales coming in, but what actually happens, you’ll be lucky if you’ve got a quarter of a million pounds, lots of us would be very lucky if we have a quarter of a million pounds. But actually, it’s much less than that. So as salespeople it’s down to us to come to a close and a close is the outcome of this negotiation. Either, Yes, we can help you or No, we can’t. And it’s fine to do that. And the important thing is, so you will say goodbye to a lot of that opportunity that’s taking up a lot of your energy. Now, the other thing is that when you start taking control of these situations, you start saying no to people, they will wake up and realize that they’re missing out on the opportunity that we were talking about here. So, the most powerful close in the world ever is the word No. No, I can’t help you or no, it’s not appropriate at this time. Your prospect will either, buck up and get whatever needs to be done, done, or they will go away. Either way. It’s a close. Does that make sense?

Introducing Speaker 15:24

Thank you. From Effective marketing, Martin Henley.

Martin Henley

Martin Henley

Martin has built a reputation for having a no nonsense approach to sales and marketing and for motivating audiences with his wit, energy, enthusiasm and his own brand of audience participation.

Martin’s original content is based on his very current experience of running effective marketing initiatives for his customers and the feedback from Effective Marketing’s successful and popular marketing workshops.



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