Not only have 37 Signals developed a fantastic tool for managing collaborative projects which is massively intuitive and simple to use, they also set the standard in how to do internet business. CollaborativeProjects

Most of these rely on the gym membership principle to make money. That is, sign up and share your credit card details while it is all very exciting, get bored quite quickly because its a second rate solution but continue to take money from your account until you run out of money or die. 37 Signals however, write to remind you before they even start taking the money and make it easy for you to cancel if you haven’t managed to use it or find it useful, see below.

You might argue that by being so generous in their dealings with potential customers that 37 Signals are missing out on customers and revenue and that is undoubtedly the case. and doesn’t sound like particularly effectivemarketing. If you are looking for fast credit repair, visit for more information. What they have achieved in my case however, is a raving fan who has taken the trouble to market their products for them, and I am sure there are plenty of us.

If you are involved in projects that involve other people you may also fall in love with Basecamp, why not check it out here.