People don’t know who they want to do business with - Talk Marketing 058 - Johann Nogueira

People don’t know who they want to do business with – Talk Marketing 058 – Johann Nogueira

Today’s guest is an agricultural science, almost doctorate he was a month away from submitting his thesis to become a doctor in agricultural science and he walked away attracted by the allure of a career in marketing. So his marketing experience goes back to 2000 when when he was an online marketing specialist, he has spent the last 14 years developing his and his clients, businesses and teams. His speciality is leveraging technology teams and media to build grow and scale businesses. He is a tech investor and Empire Builder. He is a geeky Strategy Board Game fan. He is a geeky Strategy Board Game fan. Today’s guest is Johan Nogueira.

00:00 Introductions
05:01 How are you qualified to talk about leveraging tech for lead generation?
12:33 How to come up with strong offers?
25:30 How is the automation doing the work?
34:32 How leverage and systems technology built?
41:20 How to land the messages?
53:55 How to create custom audience?
1:11:40 How to grow YouTube channel?
1:13:18 What is your recommendation to be better at leveraging technology to generate leads?
1:13:41 What should people read?
1:14:27 Who can you introduce us to who might enjoy to be a part of the Talk Marketing series?

Martin Henley
How are you qualified Johan Nogueira to talk to us about leveraging tech for lead generation?

Johan Nogueira
Awesome. Well, I’ve been building, growing, scaling, selling acquiring companies for the last 14 years. That’s why I believe that I’m, well, that’s why I’m here, you invited me to be on the show. I love business, businesses in my blood businesses in my brain. That’s all I do. That’s all I think about. It all started probably when I was about 22 and I read a book from this guy called Jay Abraham. I think I listened to an audio or something, I got exposed to this guy and he said, he charged $25,000 now.

Johan Nogueira
At this point in time, I was making $20,000 a year. So to see a person talking about 25,000 an hour, I was like, what does this guy know that the world needs, that they’re gonna pay him 25,000 an hour. He said, easy, I can look at a business. I can tell you all the parts that are broken, and I can fix it. That was the moment I made the decision that I wanted to be like that guy, I was going to be able to look at some fixable. Through that, as, as you know, through business, you can fix up so many different areas and the one that resonated with me was technology, lead generation, because if you fix up lead generation, then once lead flows coming through the business, the next thing what happens, the business goes, Ah, we’ve got too many leads, we can’t close them enough, then you can fix up the closing guys, right? You fix up delivery, and you fix up that turning the ambassador’s turning them into raving fans, and then you start all over again.

Johan Nogueira
My wife is Japanese. Japan, has a thing called Kaizen. Have you ever heard of the Kaizen?

Martin Henley
I don’t think I have no.

Johan Nogueira
Back in the after World War II, Japan was flattened, obviously and then they became a manufacturing hub. What happened was, they had they were building like how China is now here, all the stuff was getting built over there. They had a system where they would max up, put all the pressure on their systems and see which piece broke and then when that piece broke, they would fix that one, then they put the full system on max pressure again, the next piece broke, and then fix that. Through this constant and never ending innovation, they became an amazing country with the quality of products that you know, rivals, even Germany, etc.

Martin Henley
So you’ve done it. We just need to address this. You quit your doctorate a month before you were due to submit the thesis. So you worked for eight years? Had you not even started the thesis? Was that the problem? Or is that something? What caused you to quit like a month before?

Johan Nogueira
Two years before that, I’d started off, I started building my business online. And so I had six online businesses at that stage. And then I realised, well, I’m gonna finish this off because I need to complete it. And I want to hand it in and my professor said, Hey, Johan, there’s a, there’s a new way of statistical analysis, it’s going to take you an extra six months, we all believe that you should re analyse everything with that data set with that statistical analysis. And I went, I’m sorry, I’ve given eight years of my life, I don’t have another six months to give. Okay, so you’re out. So that’s, that’s what happened there.

Martin Henley
When I discovered this about you that you have a degree in agricultural science, and you almost had a doctorate in agricultural science, I couldn’t help but wonder if there is, like a useful I’m trying to come up with a scientific work because you were almost a PhD. But a useful like, Okay, so let me just ask you the question, Has your academic background in agricultural science benefited your career in sales and marketing?

Martin Henley

Martin Henley

Martin has built a reputation for having a no nonsense approach to sales and marketing and for motivating audiences with his wit, energy, enthusiasm and his own brand of audience participation.

Martin’s original content is based on his very current experience of running effective marketing initiatives for his customers and the feedback from Effective Marketing’s successful and popular marketing workshops.



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