Podcast is free content that brings you value - Talk Marketing 060 - Mitch Harley

Podcast is free content that brings you value – Talk Marketing 060 – Mitch Harley

Today’s guest has 10 year sales experience going back to when he was an inside sales rep in the construction materials supply industry before progressing to regional sales manager. He is now owner and founder of the BD learning group, which is an education administration business, and also co host of The Perspective Podcast, which suggests that you should start a business, grow it, scale it and leave a legacy. He was introduced to us by Kobi Simmat, who tells us that he is on a similar mission, gets it and would want to talk about it. Today’s guest is Mitch Harley. 00:00 Introductions 05:15 How are you qualified to talk about podcast marketing mechanism? 12:24 What is sales? 32:38 What is Mitch Harley podcast goals? 39:47 What is the benefit of networking through podcast? 50:49 How to be a good podcaster? 1:05:39 How is podcast led to actual customer supplier relationships? 1:12:05 How to add value to people? 1:17:39 How do you market your podcast? 1:22:05 What is your podcast recommendation? 1:30:51 What should people read? 1:38:04 Who can you introduce us to who might enjoy to be a part of the Talk Marketing series? Martin Henley Let’s start then at the beginning, how are you qualified to talk to us about podcasting as like a marketing mechanism? Mitch Harley Basically, we’ve ran our podcast, it’s been just over one year. We went in with the mission that we were going to help businesses. What it ended up doing was promoting our own businesses. What it ended up doing is opening opportunities for us to expand in ways that we never would have come up with on our own. So to have that journey, in a short period of time, and to open new networks that we would never have been able to tap into before. To me experience, or, or credibility, to speak to people has nothing to do with longevity, it has everything to do with quality, and how you use that time. You could talk to someone who’s been podcasting for 567 years, and they haven’t gotten anywhere. We have proven results that our podcast is working and is growing and is, you know, evolving. So that’s what I feel gives us the credibility we have the testimonials of clients we’ve worked with because of the podcast. And we’re just we’re on an uphill climb. So I think there’s I think there’s huge credibility in what we’ve been doing for us to speak on this. Martin Henley I think you’re right, there’s a guy, Tony Morris, he’s a sales trainer in the UK. And he said, you can fail it somebody for 20 years, you know, I mean, it’s like, it really isn’t. So this is always the first question because, you know, when I’m listening to someone that does the questions in my head is like, should I be bothering to listen to this person? So the point of that is, like everybody, on average, people have 20 years experience in what they’re doing. So there’s more than 1000 years already of experience in this series. But that’s not the point. It’s about success. Now, you haven’t been doing it very long. I haven’t been doing it very long. The reason we’re talking about it, really, we could probably talk more credulously about all the other stuff we’ve done before. I think the reason we’re talking about this today is because we’re so we haven’t been doing it very long. We’re already seeing huge benefits of this mechanism. It’s the thing that I’m most excited about, and you’re most excited about. That’s why we are so we aren’t proclaiming to be Joe Rogan. You know, that’s not what we’re doing. But we have done this for a period of time. We are seeing the benefits and that’s why I think we want to talk about it today. So do you want to give us a sense of how your podcast came about how you guys came together and why and how it happened? Mitch Harley So like you mentioned earlier, I had a lot of sales of sales experience. I grew very quickly in the company I was with, I started out on the order desk, I had sales experience before that little bit of minor management. So when I came into that job, I was honestly just looking for a job. So when I got interviewed, he’s the the gentleman, he just goes, you’re way overqualified for this job. Like it, a this is just a front counter job. I just said, Just give it to me, just give me the opportunity. He goes, if you stick with this for a year, I’ll put you in an outside sales position, I’ll give you a keys to a vehicle and you can go run a territory. That’s exactly what happened. Then fast forward a few more years, I was in a regional manager position. I was the youngest one in the company history. I was on the marketing team for the country. I was on multiple teams, I was all over North America for training. So I moved very quickly at a young age. You know, and at the end of it, it didn’t end well. I’ll just say that. So it really, it really taught me a lesson when working in the corporate world, what the other side of the coin can be as good as it can be in as well paying as it can be.
Martin Henley

Martin Henley

Martin has built a reputation for having a no nonsense approach to sales and marketing and for motivating audiences with his wit, energy, enthusiasm and his own brand of audience participation. Martin’s original content is based on his very current experience of running effective marketing initiatives for his customers and the feedback from Effective Marketing’s successful and popular marketing workshops.



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