Telemarketing Workshop Agenda

1. Introductions

  • Identifying who is attending and where they are from
  • Understanding where attendees are with their telemarketing
  • Identifying what attendees are aiming to achieve from the workshop

2. Telemarketing Benefits and Objectives

  • Understanding the business benefits of telemarketing
  • Identifying all of the things that can be achieved through telemarketing
  • Prioritising objectives and adapting a strategic approach to telemarketing

3. Targeting & Data Management

  • Understanding the principles and benefits of accurate targeting
  • Establishing that telemarketers should be choosing their prospects
  • Understanding the benefits of good data management
  • Prioritising the data that we manage and optimising data use

4. State

  • Establishing the importance of being the right state when we are on the phone
  • Undertaking exercises to establish that we are in control of our state
  • Understanding the critical importance of revenue generating roles

5. Voicemail & Gatekeepers

  • Thinking about how we deal with voicemail as a barrier to reaching decision makers
  • Developing voicemail messages that get returned
  • Understanding the role and importance of gatekeepers and how they are useful to effective telemarketers
  • Three tactics for getting on better with gatekeepers and getting through to more decision makers
  • If all of that fails tips for bypassing gatekeepers

6. Effective Telemarketing Structure

  • Establishing the importance of having a structure for calls with decision makers
  • Introducing AIDA
  • The importance of getting decision makers attention and how to do it
  • Keeping decision makers interested and qualifying opportunities
  • Getting decision makers interested and qualifying opportunities
  • Getting decision makers wanting your solutions
  • Closing telemarketing calls

7. Questions