Web Marketing

Web marketing

What is web marketing and how can you get it working for you?

The internet is the fastest growing media in history, with huge numbers of consumers and businesses now using it, not only to source products, services and inform their buying decisions but also to entertain, and communicate with others, to the extent that the internet is now actually serving to inform opinions.

For many web marketing is the ‘Holy Grail’. We all dream of having a business that takes care of itself, generates the interest, closes the sale, collects the money and delivers the product or service. Google, eBay, YouTube, Facebook and MySpace are all fantastic examples of how effective the web can be, and how innovators have harnessed the web to build incredibly successful businesses incredibly quickly. As the internet continues to explode there will be more examples of businesses like these bursting onto the scene, but it is perhaps a little removed from running a small, local business in Sussex.

There should be little doubt that effective web marketing can have a profound effect on any business, and the good news is that it is no longer about putting up a website and hoping that it will generate the traffic you need, or wondering what sort of traffic it is generating and how they are responding. You can now be very proactive in driving the traffic you want to your website through email marketing, search engine optimisation, online PR and online advertising. You can really take charge of who finds their way to your website and what they do when they get there and with tools like Google Analytics available for free your web marketing is infinitely measurable.

Watch this space for more ideas on how to develop and implement an effective web marketing plan.

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