Small businesses are going to solve all of the world's problems - Talk Marketing 055 - Kobi Simmat

Small businesses are going to solve all of the world’s problems – Talk Marketing 055 – Kobi Simmat

Today’s guest has been running his own businesses since 1998. He has been running his current business Best Practice Biz since 2009, providing business coaching, training, recruitment and ISO certification. So that’s 13 years of that. He is currently editor in chief of Infinite Magazine. He is the National President of the Australian Open Skiff Association, which I think might have something to do with sailing, He scales businesses, he sails boats. He is famous for producing 36,000 social posts in 2020. And his LinkedIn professional headline reads, helping blooming entrepreneurs and their teams to work on their business to accelerate their growth. It could also read helping blooming entrepreneurs and their teams to work on the business to accelerate their growth. Today’s guest on the 56th episode of Talk Marketing is Kobe Simmat.

00:00 Introductions
04:37 What is Skiff?
08:07 How are you qualified to talk to us about accelerated business growth?
17:34 Are you working exclusively with small businesses? Or do you work with larger businesses? How does how does that dynamic work?
23:34 Why is it so difficult to run a small business? And does it need to be so difficult?
32:22 How do we actually get to a place where small businesses have a better chance?
42:46 How do you know what people are looking for?
53:58 How do we add value to small businesses?
1:04:01 Who do you do business with?
1:08:06 Richard Branson advice.
1:21:34 Kobi Simmat’s book recommendation.
1:25:40 Who can you introduce me to that might enjoy to be a part of the Talk Marketing series?

Martin Henley 7:33
First question is, how are you qualified to talk to us about your specialist subjects, and your special subject is accelerated business growth. The second question is, Who do you work with? How do you add value to their lives? The third question is, what is your recommendation for people who want to get better at accelerated business growth or want to accelerate the growth of their business? Fourth question, really easy, what should people read? The fifth question is who Can you throw under the bus and actually introduce me to? Who might enjoy to have one of these conversations with me? So how are you, Kobi Simmat, how are you qualified to talk to us about accelerated business growth?

Kobi Simmat 8:12
Look, I got a great story. I was 17 years old in 1992 so you can go ahead and work out how old I am right now and I was working behind the bar in one of Sydney, Australia’s fine dining restaurants. It was quite an incredible place. It was beautiful, crisp white tablecloths. It was a waterfront restaurant with an incredible view over this incredible river and people would come down on beautiful sunny days and sit at this incredible restaurant by the water with these lovely white tablecloths and, you know, you know, polished wine glasses with an incredible wine list. Come and sit down and we’d walk up to the table in these restaurants and say, hey, you know, such a beautiful day to day let me get you started with a glass of beautiful sparkling Shiraz or a beautiful glass of a lovely Western Australian Chardonnay, and let’s get you going and enjoy this incredible experience.

Kobi Simmat 9:06
I started working in this restaurant, and I was working alongside this incredible entrepreneur who was running this restaurant, and really passionate about people having this incredible experience. I’d stand behind the bar, which was right next to the cash register and the entrepreneur running the business, the business owner, you know, he was kind of the Maitre’d as well. We probably ended up with about 6570 seats in that restaurant, very kind of, you know, lovely little intimate experience and beautiful music playing in this incredible outdoor environment and a couple of Sydney’s best chefs at the time. I watched that business operate, I watched the people come in, I saw the trends in what they were drinking and ordering from week to week, month to month, I saw the food, I saw the season of the menu, I saw that the dishes on the menu that were popular, and I got a bit of a sense of what people started to like. This particular bar was really interesting, it was incredibly small with some top shelf spirits right behind us, but at 17 years old i’m really not meant to be there because initially I was, you know, 18 years old is the legal limit to deal with alcohol and that kind of stuff.

Martin Henley

Martin Henley

Martin has built a reputation for having a no nonsense approach to sales and marketing and for motivating audiences with his wit, energy, enthusiasm and his own brand of audience participation.

Martin’s original content is based on his very current experience of running effective marketing initiatives for his customers and the feedback from Effective Marketing’s successful and popular marketing workshops.



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