When eBetFinder first reached out to us they presented a visually appealing website rich in really informative content. They had a great passion for, and knowledge of, what they were doing. The issue was that they weren’t achieving anywhere near the volume of visitors they wanted to their site.

This is where Effective Marketing entered the picture and within six months we helped to turn eBetFinder into one of the most popular websites of its kind.

eBetFinder is a website focused on eSports betting, providing a helping tool for anyone interested in getting started with eSports gaming. They list the best eSport betting sites online and provide thorough reviews of these services, including welcome offers, match coverage, a selection of entertaining markets, withdrawal times, customer support and more.

Not only do they list and review all the best eSport operators, they have organised these services into categories which make it easier for players to find the best site for them based on their personal preferences. You’ll find a section for best betting sites based on deposit methods, the country where you are based and the games that you prefer betting on, there are even sites like P4rgaming.com where you can get boosting services for your favorite games.

Although the sites’ focus is on how to get started with eSports betting, eBetFinder provides valuable information on how to be more successful with your betting. You’ll find thorough guides that explain how you’re able to beat the bookmakers and make as much profit as possible from your bets. You’ll also find news articles, exclusive temporary bonus offers that might be worth taking advantage of, as well as important happenings in the world of eSport.

Our service to eBetFinder has been to focus their keyword identification and optimisation. We supported eBetfinder by researching the most relevant and popular keywords and finding opportunities to implement these phrases in their content. This has increased their ranking on Google for more relevant phrases and they are now in the top 5 for some of the most popular keywords pertaining to eSports betting.

We also motivated them to restructure their site around these phrases, including a revision of internal and external links. The site now has clear structure making it easier for visitors to navigate. Not only has this improved user experience, it has has a positive effect on the amount of time visitors spend on the site, the number of pages they visit and the bounce rate which will all contribute to continuing improvements in search engine rankings.

With our encouragement eBetFinder have also invested more in their social media, principally Facebook and Twitter, which are now contributing significant traffic to their site. In the period of time that we have been working with eBetfinder we have increased traffic to their site from five a month to more than five thousand.

If you are looking to increase targeted traffic to your website, don’t hesitate to contact us. SEO is just one of a number of services that we offer as part of our integrated marketing services which enable Effective Marketing to solve the conundrum of your digital marketing success.