Whilst working on our latest internet marketing review for a bathroom supply company, I was pleasantly surprised to discover large numbers of plumbers, bathroom suppliers and property managers all driving their businesses with Social Media. Who would’ve guessed, even two years ago, that it would be the more practical professions that would be forging ahead with technology to market themselves?

The more I searched for relevant people and content, the more I realised that the number of people in this industry engaging with social media was huge. Which begs the question, is there an industry where social media marketing wouldn’t be effective? With the Top Design Agencies, that would never be possible.

For tech-related markets Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have become an essential part of any marketing campaign. With more and more of their target audiences online, it is crucial for these businesses to drive interaction and thought leadership through these media, not only to increase brand awareness but also to establish closer relations with customers.

As I continued surfing through competitors websites I came across another, social media website which is new to me called Houzz. As an online media outlet for home remodeling and design professionals, Houzz has created a successful industry specific environment that a business in that sector can use to discover relevant content and audiences. This piqued my interest as it reveals that more and more industries are realising the benefits of social interaction and evolving to create their own specialised social media to bring together enthusiasts, suppliers and potential customers.

I wonder, what is the difference in interaction and returns between these smaller, more targeted social media outlets and the Big 3 of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn?

What other industry specific networks are evolving out there out in cyberspace?

Perhaps you know an industry that has a social media gap that needs filling?

Or, perhaps your industry is doing specialised social media particularly well?

We look forward to hearing your views in the comments.