Musk Twitter, L’Oreal trouble, Facebook busted, HSBC meta marketing vacancy - Marketing News 008

Musk Twitter, L’Oreal trouble, Facebook busted, HSBC meta marketing vacancy – Marketing News 008

Oh look it’s me and Mel talking about the marketing news. It’s been a busy few weeks and there was quite a bit to discuss. We didn’t even get to the Oscars. 00:00 Introductions 9:30 What has been happening in the way of marketing news? 11:25 Musk muscles in on Twitter. 28:07 L’Oreal in trans model trouble 51:37 Facebook busted for bloating audiences 1:05:25 HSBC’s meta marketing manager vacancy. Martin Henley 0:25 Hello there, my name is Martin Henley this is The Effective Marketing YouTube channel and this we think is episode number seven or number eight of marketing news. So we’re doing the scrolling so you don’t have to, you can focus on being more effective with your marketing. If you’ve spent a second here, you will know that this channel is all about supporting you to be more successful by giving you everything you need to be more successful with your marketing. I’m giving you everything I know. I’m dragging in everyone I can find, I’m reacting to good stuff and bad stuff on the internet. And every two or three weeks, Mel comes Mel, the co conspirator of crazy, co-creator at Crazy might work. One of those things. It’s Mel. Hello, Mel. Martin Henley 1:11 Hi. co-conspirators is better. Melanie Farmer 1:17 Concierge. Martin Henley 1:18 Concierge. Co-conspirator is better, co-conspirator of Crazy Might Work. Melanie Farmer 1:25 Yeah, I like that. And co-creation is what what we do. Martin Henley 1:31 Co-creations, you see there’s too many co’s and too many c’s. That’s the problem. Yes. Yes. Okay. So we didn’t do this last week because I was too busy being shit and you were too busy being successful. So it didn’t happen last week. So what have you achieved that’s astounding and newsworthy in the last three weeks? Melanie Farmer 1:55 Listen, last week was fantastic in a few different ways. I guess one of the highlights for the last three weeks is we finished our cross industry collaboration on sustainability where we get academics, and government, and private sector together to find new and interesting ways to save the world. So we had the Shark Tank pitches last Wednesday. A really good turnout. Some very senior people from each of those private, public, and university settings on the judging panel already. Probably one of the most successful we’ve had, because we’ve had a lot of emails after the Shark Tank saying what we’re in wearing, what are we what are we doing now with his pilots? And so we’re certainly going to see some momentum with with that, and some very interesting solutions. So watch this space. Martin Henley 2:59 Excellent. Is it actual Shark Tank? Do you have shark tank in Australia? Is it not to do with TV production, or it is to do with the TV production? Melanie Farmer 3:09 Now it’s a blatant breach of copyright I would say. Martin Henley 3:13 That’s my favourite kind of breach of copyright, blatant. Melanie Farmer 3:19 It could be the dragon’s cave. I mean, there’s Shark Tank, Dragon’s Den. So we’ve got to come up with something that people will know what that means when you say shark tank in pitch day and stuff. So Martin Henley 3:32 Yeah, pitch day. The thing is, it’s good. Why do people engage with that so much? I wonder? Melanie Farmer 3:39 Well, look, I think the the nature of the ideas we love. We love it I think, particularly when we see something that we think why aren’t we already doing that? I think it astonishes the human mind that is still happening every single day. We think Well, look, we’ve got we’ve got microwave ovens what more is there in life, you know, like, what else could there be that’s new and different? There are issues that can be fixed in unique ways that we just never thought we don’t realise that something’s actually madness, until somebody says, you realise this is madness, and we should be doing this? Martin Henley 4:22 Yes, I get that. So it’s about sharing the innovation. I have a bit of an issue with I’ve not seen the Shark Tank one, I have a bit of an issue with the Dragon’s Den one. I have a bit of an issue that these guys, I think people who are successful in business, clearly they work hard, but there’s a large slice of luck involved. So the idea that these people just because they’ve made a shitload of money, are able to judge all of these good, poor bad ideas, I think is really poor. It’s a little bit like Britain’s Got Talent, all those things were just because somebody’s lucky enough to have made it they’re now capable to judge the others. I have an issue with that. Then I have an issue with what they think is investable and what they don’t, which is basically, they don’t think very much is investable. It has to be brand new, it has to be unreplicable, blah, blah, blah. So I’ve got issues with that. I’ve got issues in my life, you know that Mel.
Martin Henley

Martin Henley

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