What could you be achieving with effective internet marketing in your business?

Every business owner and manager should be fully aware of the incredible efficiencies and profitability that can be achieved through effective internet marketing. Effective Marketing are prepared to bet that the leaders in your industry are those businesses that have leveraged internet marketing most successfully.

However, keeping up with the most dynamic and interactive information channel in history is a challenge when you are busy running your business. Even understanding the full potential of internet marketing is difficult if you don’t have the inside track on how each of the myriad of platforms could be working most efficiently for you.

With all of this in mind Effective Marketing are offering a free internet marketing review which includes an assessment of your current perfomance in terms of:

  • website look, feel and usability
  • website optimisation
  • content
  • search engine rankings
  • internal and external links
  • social media positioning and activity
  • email marketing activity

The second phase of the review is about identifying the opportunity for more effective internet marketing within your business by identifying;

  • the number of searches relevant to your products and services
  • the questions that prospective customers are asking around your products and services
  • analysis of your most successful online competitors
  • the number of business to business prospects available through LinkedIn
  • the number of people talking about your industry on Twitter
  • the number of people interested in your offering on Facebook
  • the opportunity to be reaching a targeted audience on You Tube
  • what data is available for email marketing


Internet Marketing Services

If we can demonstrate the benefits of and get you excited about the potential of internet marketing within your business we offer the full range of internet marketing services including:

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  • internet marketing strategies
  • website design
  • social media strategies
  • search engine optimisation
  • internet marketing training
  • email marketing
  • social media marketing
  • facebook marketing
  • linkedin marketing
  • you tube marketing
  • twitter marketing
  • blogging


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  • photography
  • content production
  • video production
  • article writing
  • link building
  • reputation management
  • analytics training
  • internet marketing measurement
  • reporting


Of course, if you want to use the outcomes of this free internet marketing review to test your current internet marketing service providers we are perfectly happy with that too.

We hope that you will recognise this free, no obligation review is a great opportunity to get some external and expert feedback on the state of your internet marketing wherever you are in the process or however you manage your internet marketing currently.

To find out more about how this free internet marketing review could benefit you in your business and to get yours scheduled call now on 01273 921130 or email us.


Effective Marketing


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