Internet Marketing Training Agenda

1. Introductions

  • Identifying who is attending and where they are from
  • Understanding where attendees are with Internet Marketing
  • Identifying what attendees are aiming to achieve from the training

2. Internet Marketing in Context

  • Understanding what internet marketing is
  • Understanding how internet marketing has developed
  • Understanding the business benefits of internet marketing

3. Objectives

  • Identifying what can be achieved through internet marketing
  • Prioritising internet marketing objectives
  • Thinking strategically about internet marketing objectives

4. Content

  • Establishing the importance of having accessible content that will be of interest to prospective customers and how to develop and implement sales messages, offers and calls to action
  • Introducing free services that enable you to occupy space online including Weebly, Facebook, MySpace and blogging services like WordPress, Blogger & Tumblr

5. Traffic Generation

  • An introduction to the host of ways of attracting traffic including search engine ranking, relevant domains, pay per click marketing, incoming links, social media, online pr, email marketing, viral marketing, back links, word of mouth marketing, offline marketing etc.
  • An introduction to keyword research and how to use keywords within your site and link building and the importance of relevancy to the search engines

6. Measuring the effectiveness of Internet Marketing

  • Introducing the various tools and systems that are available to measure internet marketing activities including Google Analytics, Woopra, Google Alerts, Tweet Stats, Twitter Grader, domain shortening services and use of dedicated telephone numbers etc.

7. Questions