Marketing Measurement

Marketing measurement

How do you know if all of this effort is effective?

Now because marketing has so much to do with making investments, setting out your stall and waiting for customers to come and people, both your people and theirs, it can become difficult to actually work out exactly what is and what isn’t effective.

Somebody famous once said “50% of my marketing works, I just don’t know which 50%”. What you can guarantee is that he invested half of his time on marketing that failed.

Marketing is demanding on budgets, time, energy and motivation, and whilst measuring the effectiveness of your marketing will never be a precise science, it is important that you make some effort to establish what does and what doesn’t work.

Traditionally, measuring the effectiveness of your marketing has relied on asking respondents how they heard of you, which often fails for two reasons – you and them. You may forget to ask, and they might genuinely not know the answer.

By using CRM systems, dedicated telephone lines, dedicated e-mail addresses, offer codes, web analytics and email reporting tools you can start to get a grip on the effectiveness of your efforts. Another famous quotes reads “if you can’t measure it you can’t manage it” our advice is if you can’t manage, you should think long and hard about doing it.

Watch this space for more ideas on how to measure your marketing effectiveness and some examples.

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