Branding is one of the biggest and most current topics in the marketing industry. All over the media, glorified headlines such as ‘Good branding is crucial’, ‘Every business needs a good brand’ are ever present and business gurus preach the importance of having a trusted brand. But what does this piece of marketing jargon actually mean and how does a trusted brand benefit your business?

Wikipedia defines a brand as the ‘name, term, design, symbol or any other feature that identifies one seller’s product’. It is the icon that represents your business, a catchphrase or idea that your customers and the rest of the world will look at and relate straight back to you. But what does it take for this image you want to portray to be trusted?

One of the key pointers that are given to reaching this status is to differentiate yourself from your competition. What is it that your business has to offer that no-one else does? By creating a unique perspective of yourself, customers can more easily identify you as the people to go to for that particular service and not have to spend lots of time wafting through dozens of companies looking for the best one.

Furthermore, make sure to have a very focused message for your target customers. For example, the Effective Marketing Company aims to do exactly what it says on the tin, provide effective marketing services for our customers. Wholly believe in this ideal and be consistent in the way you conduct business to fit in with this mission statement.

But the most crucial tip for creating a trusted brand is focused entirely on the word ‘trust’. As put very well by Steven Van Yoder, a seasoned journalist and author of ‘Get Slightly Famous’, ‘the strength of any brand is in the relationship between the company and its customers’. Provide an enjoyable and helpful customer service, go the extra mile for your target audience and in time, their recommendations, loyalty and praise will provide you with a solid reputation.

Remember, it’s all about consistency, consistency, consistency.

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