Maximising Sales Workshop Agenda

1. Introductions

  • Identifying who is attending and where they are from
  • Understanding where attendees are with their sales
  • Understanding the way that attendees sell currently
  • Identifying what attendees are aiming to achieve from the workshop

2. Effective Sales Context, Benefits and Objectives

  • Putting effective selling in context
  • Understanding the business benefits of effective sales
  • Identifying all of the outcomes that can be achieved through effective selling
  • Prioritising objectives and adapting a strategic approach to effective selling

3. Lead Generation

  • Defining sales and the difference between sales and marketing
  • Understanding the principles and benefits of accurate targeting
  • Establishing that sales people should be selecting their prospects
  • Identifying the lead generation initiatives available to sales people and how to most effectively implement them
  • Understanding the benefits of good lead management

4. Motivation & State

  • Understanding why it is that sales people need to be motivated
  • Understanding how to motivate ourselves and the people who sell for us
  • Establishing the importance of being in the right state when we are selling
  • Exercises to establish that we are in control of our state
  • Understanding the critical importance of revenue generating roles

5. Effective Opening Structure

  • Establishing the importance of having a structure for conversations with prospective customers
  • Introducing AIDA
  • Getting decision makers interested in our offering and qualifying sales opportunities
  • Getting prospective customers wanting your solutions

6. Effective Closing

  • Understanding the importance of, and how to identify buying signals
  • A response for every objection we will ever encounter
  • Identifying negotiation opportunities and being better negotiators
  • The most powerful close in the world ever

7. Questions