Online Training

Why not attend one of our online training sessions to get your marketing running effectively?

It is understandable that companies have difficulties coming to London for our trainings for a number of reasons; busy schedules, travel times and costs, unwillingness to use the tube at rush hour. After all, it is clear you are working hard everyday to achieve success within your relevant industry and the reason you are on this website is because you strive to improve your service. But why let these factors hold you back from reaping the best possible results from your marketing?

That is why Effective Marketing are bringing the training to you through our online training service. By using the GoToMeeting tool, groups of up to 10 people at time can discover a variety of effective marketing strategies and initiatives that can be taken advantage of to get their marketing soaring. Through this online training workshop, we can offer you the full breadth of our half day training courses online from the comfort of your desk or home.

The themes we cover range from Social Media Marketing, LinkedIn Marketing and Internet Marketing all the way to Telemarketing, Marketing Strategy and Maximising Sales. Furthermore, the attendees of our online training will also receive a video copy of the training, giving them the opportunity to refer back to anything they found useful in the future.

By clicking on any of the links on the righthand side of this page, you can read up on the course outlines of all of our marketing trainings and how they can benefit your business.

Interested in finding out more about our online training? Give us a call now on 01273 921130 or email us.