Outsourced Sales

What if your marketing is too effective already? Then contact us about our outsourced sales services!

If you are actually marketing too effectively already, are struggling to cope with the responses and you aren’t quite ready to recruit a sales team of your own, The Effective Marketing Company can provide an excellent outsourced sales service.

By integrating with your business, an outsourced sales service includes all of the marketing advice and support you need.

Direct marketing services we offer include:

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  • Response Handling
  • Enquiry Qualification
  • Delivering Sales Presentations
  • Attending Sales Meetings
  • Managing Sales Process
  • Managing Pipeline


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  • Customer Follow Up
  • Delivering Proposals
  • Negotiation
  • Closing Sales
  • Account Management


To find out how the outsourced sales services that the Effective Marketing Company offer might benefit you call us now on 01273 921130.