Get them to feel right, move them to the action - Talk Marketing 067 - Peter Hopwood

Get them to feel right, move them to the action – Talk Marketing 067 – Peter Hopwood

Today is talk marketing, which means that we have a guest and our guest has hospitality experience going all the way back to 1995 when he was a guest relations specialist with Disneyland Paris. Since then, he has been a resort representative and training specialists. But mainly he has been hosting and presenting at conferences in 43 different countries. He is a story and delivery expert and a TEDx coach and speaker, and what you may not know unless you follow him on Instagram, is that he has more than 350 pictures of his suitcase. Today’s guest is Peter Hopwood. 00:00 Introductions. 09:07 How are you qualified to talk about storytelling and TEDx presenting? 21:05 How to be a good public speaker? 38:39 What is the idea of storytelling and why are stories important or powerful? 51:19 IKEA effect. 1:00:05 Who are you working with and and how are you adding value to their lives? 1:06:34 What is your recommendation for people who want to get better at presenting and storytelling? 1:13:58 What should people read? Martin Henley So question number one. How are you qualified to talk to us about storytelling? And this TEDx presenting type stuff? Peter Hopwood Yeah. Okay. So if we go back, I went to art college, and this was in the early 90s. So creating terms of creativeness in terms of really been observant, in terms of the signals that I saw, and creating images to make people feel something was all about what I was doing right. I then went off that path, went off that path and started to work abroad, working in different countries I worked for for a holiday company in my early 20s. This is really all about helping holiday makers when they come on holiday, really help them by presenting all the great things they can do to have a great holiday, right? So really, I was presenting, speaking in front of 300 people four times a week for different type, four different groups of 300 people every week, for about eight months ago, right? So I was I was really confident at presenting, really confident presenting the same thing, which is very different from different things that you present. Peter Hopwood But I realised very early on that the way I was sharing the way I was sharing my messages through my voice, through how I moved my attitude, my intention, the speed of my voice, what I was saying the words I was using all these had a really big effect, because some weeks, I do really well at selling. So that would mean what would that mean more money in my pocket at the end of the month, great, some weeks, very bad, extremely bad. So no money at the end of the month in my pocket. So how could that be with the same presentation, the same thing and sharing the same messages, it was all about those small things that change, and the small things that you think about in terms of how you’re being perceived, how you’re sharing your messages, which make a difference, this was the start, right? So then I moved on to business training, business teaching, coaching, and then the presentation aspect came more into that. Peter Hopwood Then after, after a few years more in Croatia, living in Croatia, I realised, you know, we’re gonna make a business out of this. People then started to hire me to help them shape their messages and deliver their presentations deliver a CEO, for example, would hire me to prepare him for a conference talk or you might be might be be a sales manager that just needs to really convince his team or get his team up to scratch in terms of the messages they’re sharing. So really, it’s all about it was really all about those two areas that delivery. So how to come across all those things in terms of the confidence side, which is important, right, looking at somebody making or feeling like they’re confident helps you feel like you want to give more trust more credibility to that person. So all these things are important how you look how you move, how what you say, how you say it, all those things are great, then it’s about the other side, which is maybe even more important. Peter Hopwood That’s the story side. When I say story, I mean more about connecting, right? So how can you connect better with your audience, because at the end of the day, whether you’re whether you are really confident or not so confident, if you have a good story or if you can connect well with relevance, if you can connect well with making people feel an emotion that’s relevant to them, right, and something that means something to them. This is far more important and far more essential than the other aspects, many met for many years, certainly the beginning of my career, I really thought that, a good public speaker is somebody who is confident, somebody that is using their hands a lot, somebody that is standing well, somebody that is making you feel good, somebody that is saying things in the right ways, clear, somebody who is wearing the right things on stage, for example, all these are good.
Martin Henley

Martin Henley

Martin has built a reputation for having a no nonsense approach to sales and marketing and for motivating audiences with his wit, energy, enthusiasm and his own brand of audience participation. Martin’s original content is based on his very current experience of running effective marketing initiatives for his customers and the feedback from Effective Marketing’s successful and popular marketing workshops.



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