The one thing that people should do more of is focus - Talk Marketing 059 - Gareth Healey

The one thing that people should do more of is focus – Talk Marketing 059 – Gareth Healey

Today’s guest has marketing agency experience going back to 1995 when he was an account handler with Momentum Worldwide, he was CEO of his own agency creative race for 18 years growing it to 12 point 5 million in turnover or income, 175 staff and two offices. He is currently a guest lecturer at the School of Marketing at Coventry University, and an agency coach and mentor at Beyond Noise, where he mentors agency owners. He was introduced to us by the brilliant Matt Daley, who described his book Standout Or Die as a well moments. There is absolutely nothing quirky about today’s guest, I’ve checked. Today’s guest is Gareth Healey. 00:00 Introductions 04:07 How are you qualified to talk about mentoring marketing agencies? 31:17 How do you do successful sales and marketing? 47:45 Can agencies do marketing? 1:03:02 Who you work with and how you add value to their lives? 1:16:02 How to do better in marketing agency? 1:19:44 What should people read? 1:28:12 Who can you introduce us to who might enjoy to be a part of the Talk Marketing series? Martin Henley How are you Gareth Healey qualified to talk to us about mentoring marketing agencies? Gareth Healey Well, I mean, the first step qualification, the first thing I’d say is, comes with experience. I’ve got a hell of a lot of that. When you mentioned 1995. Then in the intro, it’s true that there’s my first job in agencies after uni. Yeah. So a long time ago, that was before many of your listeners or viewers were born probably and certainly before the digital revolution. So digital agencies, digital marketing at that time, of course, didn’t exist. So yeah, but I’ve been around in agencies for, you know, 2125 years. Gareth Healey Again, Martin, as you said, I sort of started out in agencies after uni work. In the business was an account Hunter so got some experience on the ground, and then joined an agency in Leeds in the UK to move HSS to get a better job more responsibility, which was the best move I ever made. Because I, I actually joined a business that in only a couple of years was looking at the founder of which the agency was looking to retire. He was still only in his mid 50s himself, he wasn’t that old, but he wanted to do something else. So I bought that business with two other business partners. Gareth Healey So in terms of qualification, I quickly became an agency owner almost overnight. I was about 30, then actually, which felt really young at the time, I felt as if I was completely out of my depth and probably was, but when you see when I see young people setting up businesses now in the early 20s, and you know that that age, it doesn’t feel 30 years old has been over business doesn’t feel particularly young anymore, but it did at that time for me. So baptism of fire, and I ran that business for 15 years, then a CEO, we bought our third partner out, it became two of us were 50% shareholders and I was Chief Exec. And yeah, grew it to quite a sizable business actually. Gareth Healey As you mentioned, it was 12 and a half million turnover our biggest year, and 175 people across just the two offices in Leeds and the north of England in London, of course. So, you know, great experience, and I think our business actually for an agency 175 people is a is a sizable business as an independent. So, you know, we the in terms of qualification, to qualify, how am I qualified, I went through that journey of growing that business and through the various stages, you know, you have to sort of adapt your style to and your leadership style, won over that period to cope with the different demands of a different size, and a different stage of business life really, from relatively small, sort of a big, you know, say 150 100 certified people needs a different leadership style, a different management style, different systems, different processes. Gareth Healey We were, I was lucky enough and, and had the ability, thankfully to sort of adapt my style over those years to cope and manage and make the most of that change. Until the point in 2017, when I sort of needed a bit of a change, really, I’d sort of had enough of the business actually. But I was still responsible for a lot of clients, and sort of had my fill and being directly responsible. I had a clearly with the people a lot of help. A lot of direct reports, I wasn’t day to day involved. But I sort of I wanted to change from from sort of running clients like that. So I sold my share of that business to my business partner, actually, and decided to leave the agency world altogether. That was it done for me. But after about six months, I realised that after 20 odd years, and I sometimes describe it as as like having a hangover, so when you have a bad hangover, you don’t feel great. Gareth Healey Obviously the morning after, but then as the as the mind clears a bit, and you don’t feel quite as you’re not struggling quite as much you’ll reflect back on the nights.
Martin Henley

Martin Henley

Martin has built a reputation for having a no nonsense approach to sales and marketing and for motivating audiences with his wit, energy, enthusiasm and his own brand of audience participation. Martin’s original content is based on his very current experience of running effective marketing initiatives for his customers and the feedback from Effective Marketing’s successful and popular marketing workshops.



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