1654399_628985573835586_1586995068_nMy name is Jenna and I started my six-month placement with the Effective Marketing Company on Monday 16th June, as part of my degree in Business Administration at the University of Bath. I am originally from Worthing , West Sussex,where the Effective Marketing Company is based, so will be living at home until I return to Bath for my 2nd year of university. I am part of my university snowsports club, which explains the slightly crazy photo of me dressed in a onesie and skiing gear!

As you may have noticed, the Effective Marketing website’s blog has been somewhat neglected in recent months. But never fear! I have been appointed the official blog-poster during the course of my placement! I will try my very hardest to post a new, and hopefully interesting, blog daily, consisting of the following: motivational videos each Monday, video testimonials from happy customers every Tuesday, definitions of marketing terms on Wednesdays, a thought-provoking topic on Thursday, and a funky tune to kick-start the weekend each Friday! I’m also hoping to improve our social media engagement on our Twitter and Facebook accounts so make sure you like and follow the Effective Marketing Company!

I may only be a week and a half into my placement, but I have learnt so much already! Especially considering that I had never written a blog post before Monday. Before joining the Effective Marketing Company, I had very limited knowledge and experience of what they actually do, particularly when it came to technological processes. However, the Effective Marketing Team were extremely welcoming and more than happy to teach me. I have been buddied with Chris Ripley-Duggan, who wrote most of the site’s previous blog posts. I watched inattentively and jotted down thorough notes in order to create a step-by-step guide to social media marketing tasks during my first few days, which I have now become an expert in carrying out on a daily basis! Many of Chris’ social media posting responsibilities have been delegated to myself, which I thoroughly enjoy. They involve producing content to post our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts daily so make sure you like, follow and connect with us if you’re interested to see what I’ve been up to!

As for the Effective Marketing Team, everyone is super friendly and consistently willing to invest their time into helping one other. Although everyone is serious about their job and professional about the quality of their work, there is a laid-back ambiance in the office and banter is thrown around as much as the office juggling balls! The head honcho, Martin, is very approachable and is making sure that I’m constantly busy with new, but more importantly importantly, enjoyable tasks.

My first impression of the Effective Marketing Company is that they are committed to delivering outstanding results and customer service, whilst operating with a fun and friendly atmosphere. I very much look forward to the remainder of my placement and strongly believe that the skills I will acquire will be invaluable by providing me with hands-on experience that I can apply to my studies of marketing come February 2015. I would recommend the Effective Marketing Company to anyone who is seeking an internship consisting of a large degree of responsibility and fun tasks within the marketing function.

If you’d like to know more about me, or have any other questions to ask, please leave a reply and I will get in touch as soon as possible!