It is a camping tradition to sit around the fire and treat the other campers to scary stories, preaching old tales of headless horsemen, ghostly figures and any other horror figures you’re likely to see as a costume on Halloween. But if an equivalent tradition existed within the business world, the monsters and ghouls would most likely be a case of a horrible customer service experience.

The victim of satire and abuse as well the receiving end of angry customers, customer service has been accused in the past of a number of heinous crimes including wasting time, being rude and never dealing with the problem. But as a direct link between business and consumer and also a tipping point for teetering customer loyalty, it’s a department which should be examined and moulded with great care and in great detail.

The world has become so much more vocal of their opinion on Social Media outlets and with the rise of review functionalities on the internet, including the one we have on our own website, have given a great power to the consumer. A collection of negative comments on a company’s social page can have a cataclysmic effect on prospective customers. On the other hand, positive reviews are the factor which can put you above your competitors and establish you as a market leader in your industry.

It is actually statistically proven that customers are more likely to share a negative experience of customer service than a positive one. With this knowledge in mind, large companies such as Virgin and Lush have developed their system and have prioritised the satisfaction of the customer when trying to deal with their issues.

Additionally, with the hunt to produce viral content getting increasingly more competitive, organisations are keen to evolve their method of customer service to be unique because the experience they provide is likely going to become a known fact quite quickly.

Personalising the conversation for the customer, adding a little creativity and amusement while providing an immediate response towards solving the problem can do wonders not only for the customer but also for their impression of your brand.

So next time you’re on the line with a distressed customer, crack a smile and go the extra mile to provide them with a solution to their problem. You’ll definitely be remembered and rewarded for it in the future.